[Tig] The 3D tech cycle

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Wed Apr 29 17:56:36 BST 2009

> I must confess I've never seen a 3D film.   what's it like, and do  
> you prefer it to
> 2D?   Are we ever going to see a thoughtful, artistic film done in  
> 3D or is the
> medium only suited for action films?
> Rob

Its like going to Benihana every once in a while.  Watching those  
guys throw around the knives and play tunes with the salt& pepper  
shakers... vastly entertaining and the food is okay, too.  If you  
like that sort of thing.
I got into 3D gaming for awhile when nVidia got really going with it  
-- my pilotage and scores went way up.  Lap times came down... spare  
time went into a black hole.  It was somewhat more fatiguing since  
the gameplay became quite a bit more intense, and of course posture  
became a real problem to keep the glasses in the right place.   
Eventually, though the novelty wore off and I'm almost a  
rehabilitated, partially functioning citizen once more.

Thoughtful, artistic film?   My experience with the gameplay is that  
the dogfighting games weren't all that enhanced -- usually the  
targets are too far away to make any difference, especially against  
sky... so maybe the technique is better suited for images that have  
lots of objects in carefully arranged layers, and action movies are  
all over that.  The 3D at the end of the last Harry Potter was quite  
distracting and pointless, I'm afraid -- but that was just my  
emotional reaction in the moment.  I loved Monsters vs Aliens -- nice  
work Jeff, saw the name in the creds.

Interesting phenomenon, though, with MvsA:  depth of field.  I can  
only imagine what kind of discussions would have gone around that.   
Don't expect much
"racking" in 3D films, I think.

Oh, and mediums for 3D... One word, Rob... and that is "porn".   
Ewwwww....   I can't believe how revolted I actually am just sitting  
here....NOT trying to think much more about it....    Okay, then...

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