[Tig] The 3D tech cycle

Alan Rosenfeld alanr at bhphoto.com
Thu Apr 30 14:55:20 BST 2009

If I may offer an opinion.  I really think that 3D is going to take off when implemented in gaming.  There are so many folks who will spend hours, even days at a time in immersive persistent world RPG games like World of Warcraft and Everquest (I must admit I was one several years ago) that 3D is a natural, especially now that so many folks have large screen LCD's that can display the imaging so well.  This generation of people will grow to expect 3D imaging so it will be easier to sell the tv and theater concepts.

I also think that holographic projection is what will save the movie theater industry when everything shakes out at the end.  The absolute success of the Met Opera live HD broadcast to theaters venture opens the door for this.  Lots of folks would spend $30 to $40 dollars a ticket to see a live broadcast 3D holographic of a Broadway show out in the hinterlands as well as filmed/video/digitally acquired recorded entertainment(can we still call it filmed entertainment when its shot on a Red or an F35?)

Alan Rosenfeld
The Studio at B&H

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