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With out a doubt, the best 3D I have seen over the years is IMAX. Perhaps
the most notable reason is the quality of the glasses. But there is another
factor, IMAX film makers seem to resist lobbing things at the camera, and
instead allow the natural depth of the scene to WOW the audience.

I am sorry to admit, that I am old enough to remember the 3D classics from
the 50s. Vincent Price in "House Of Wax" comes to mind. This system required
two projectors in interlock to present the film. A pregnant pause was
required at the half-way point to reload new reels of film.  The real
technical improvement as far as projection is concerned, was the placement
of both images (left and right) on the same piece of film - one image on top
of the other on the film. A special projector lens re-imposes the images
with the proper spacing through polarizing filters to the screen. IMAX works
the same way.

The only way to present 3D on video is using red-and-green glasses. Any way
you slice it, this method is problematic. The combination of red and green
in each eye causes flashes and an all over orange glow to the feature. 3D
using this method is not all that dramatic, and in my case, causes eye
strain after about 20 minutes. Because of this, early films using this
technique were shot in black and white. Most notable perhaps is "The
Creature From The Black Lagoon". Remembered more for its Film Noir look
rather than its employment of 3D, this film takes its place with all the
other black and white horror film classics of the 1950s.

Tom Nottingham

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On Apr 29, 2009, at 7:16 PM, Marc Wielage wrote:

I must confess I've never seen a 3D film.   what's it like, and do you  
prefer it to
2D?   Are we ever going to see a thoughtful, artistic film done in 3D  
or is the
medium only suited for action films?


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