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Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Tue Dec 1 19:05:32 GMT 2009

>EECO!  Electronic Engineering of Calif.. created a "time Code" based
>electronic editing system.  The EECO code was a Amplitude modulated  
>audio tone that numbered the frames of video.  I worked with this  
>system on Ampex VR200b's as early as 1970.

I saw my first time code generator in the spring of 1971 at Editel in
Montreal. It was 4 RU high, weighed about 30 lbs., and the display was nixie

No one at the facility knew what it was for - it had been dropped off by CDL
as a prototype of some sort. We used it as a clock in the machine room. That
same day, I watched Larry Brisson literally cut quad tape with the ferrous
fluid and a splicer. 

Then we rubbed some sticks together, started a fire, and cooked the wild game
we had caught for lunch.

A week later, Ampex showed up to install Editel's first Editec editing system.


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