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Mon Feb 2 16:59:59 GMT 2009

Jim Mann wrote

>Hi Peter,
>Yes you can find just about anything on the internet: Good call Peter! see
>8 November 1983; TAAG Angola Airlines 737-200; Lubango, Angola: The
aircraft >crashed 900 meters short of the runway. The crash killed all five
crew members and >121 of 126 passengers.

Jim this was not the flight. So it got me looking back at what really
happened vs my memory of 26 years ago!.

I thought I would look back at my diary for the time. Being a nerd, I still
have diaries from those days! 
I found my flight details in Nigeria were as follows, 14th Nov 1983 arrived
Lagos; 22nd to Maidugari; 23rd  to Kano; 24th to Kaduna  then to Lagos then
to Enugu; 25th  to Lagos; quite a lot of flying!.

I must correct my recollection. The HF link was also to Enugu, as well as
Maidugari. Indeed I DID fly to Enugu on 24th November 1983, returning on
25th.. It was then that I met Raj of Pye/Philips that evening back in
Lagos. It was then I advised him it was pointless going to Enugu, having
found out the day before that they had no funds. Raj duly cancelled the
flight he had booked to Enugu for the 28th November 1983.

This is the report on the web re Nigerian Air crashes.   28 November 1983;
Nigeria Airways F28-2000; (Lagos to) Enugu, Nigeria: The aircraft  crashed
about two miles (3.2 km) short of the runway and caught fire after a steep
approach in poor visibility. Two of the six crew members and 51 of the 66
passengers were killed.

So I guess it was not really HF comms that saved Raj's life. 
I apologize for my memory mixing up the facts, I just remembered all the HF
comms needed to talk up/down country in Nigeria, no phones or other links. 
It was 26 years ago! 
So Ken Robinson still wins the HF comms memories!



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