[Tig] RED Workflow

Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Wed Feb 4 18:42:41 GMT 2009

Hello Micah -

We do Red jobs almost every week. We never have a problem with TC, we 
create timelines at 2K or 4K based on an edl from an Editor using ANY 
We grade in a Baselight 8, and we keep the entire project at 2K or 4K ( 
depending on downstream workflow or blow ups ) and we most often output 
an HDCam SR 4:4:4 that is sent into the finishing pipeline, no matter 
what the final deliverable Master is.

.Dpx files have TC built into them, there should't be any problem with 
that. Do not use Rec 709 or anything close if you want flexibility in 
your color correction abilities. RedLog or RedSpace are what you want to 
convert the R3D to - for any serious CC manipulations.... I don't care 
what the DP tells you.

Good luck -

Craig Leffel

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