[Tig] not 'fixed in post'

Matt Willis-Jones mattwillisjones at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 09:18:29 GMT 2009

Are any of you willing to admit allowing something to slip by which
> should have been brought to the director's attention and "fixed in
> post"?

absolutely.  (although in my experience, director's don't usually need these
things pointed out to them - thats producers)

I'm in this industry because of a love of the moving image and all that
makes it work.

And i will give my all for projects, always try to do the best i can.

But increasingly, as Craig's earlier post pointed out, nitwits apparently in
charge of production make decisions that end up costing a lot of time - time
you were meant to have had to comp their greenscreens / grade their show /
etc - time that is now lost as you have to spend it getting the project to
state where you can actually start work on it... not just having to convert
/ re-edit things but often actually making content (animations etc) that
those guys in the funky T shirts and lattes just thought would magically

add to this the extreme obnoxiousness of some clients and their refusal to
pay any more and my patience runs thin.

Sometimes i even take a sadistic glee in watching some crime against
filmmaking zip past repeatedly as the clients all congratulate themselves,
literally glowing in their own looping sh*t.

It is our responsibility not to bend to clients with impossible /
unscheduled demands. Not only do you have to look out for your own health
and well-being (absolutely no-one else cares about that) but we, as
individual operators and facilities, have to set the boundaries.

about 17 years ago,  a friend and I were mugged by some policeman on a train
in Senegal. The guide book said that this might happen, but that we must not
hand over any money as that just made it easier for them to do it to the
next person. Well - back then we didn't feel in a position to refuse the
demanding men who were in charge on that day, but now i have learnt.

matt willis-jones
trying to avoid the early grave of the unknown colourist / comper...

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