[Tig] Color correct monitors

Martin Parsons martin-p at moving-picture.com
Fri Feb 6 17:00:25 GMT 2009

> I'm lost as to why these companies cannot make a larger
> display format when the technology has been around for quite some time
> now.

I believe Sony were to show a larger (42 inch) version of their BVM-L230
at IBC 2008 but they could not reach the quality that the BVM brand name
required - or so the Sony salesman told me.

Barco are considering both a larger and smaller version of their
RHDM-2301 flat panel monitor.

Both of these use LEDs rather than CCFL backlights - the technology for
which hasn't been around as long as conventional CCFL monitors.

There are several other manufacturers that offer CCFL backlit monitors
with 10 bit panels at 37" and 47" sizes.



I'm sure there are other manufacturers that offer monitors in these

Disclaimer: I don't work for or receive any remuneration from Vutrix. I
have not tested these larger monitors personally.

Martin Parsons
Head of Imaging
Soho, London


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