[Tig] Thin (underexposed) neg and dirt

Adrian Thomas adrian at autotv.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 17:36:31 GMT 2009

On Feb 13, 2009, at 16:39, Bob Kertesz wrote:
>> Don't forget that Bayer is a PSYCHOVISUAL
>> technique - it's designed to make good LOOKING images in an efficient
>> way, not satisfy some arbitrary 'resolution' criteria.
> Bayer is the work of the devil, as is any format which makes up  
> ("derives")
> missing information by interpolating existing data.
> It's kind of like Sony HDCAM, where it was touted as a high end pro  
> recording
> format, and then it comes out that it's only 8 bits, and  
> undersampled at
> 3:1:1, and the horizontal pixels are lossily compressed to 1440 and  
> then
> expanded out on playback.  Looks good from far but far from good.
> In my humble opinion, of course.

So - in essence - you're saying that Dr Bryce Bayer is the devil?  
It's certainly an interesting notion. I presume any grading or other  
post techniques that involve the loss of real data in creating an  
apparently good looking image are likewise demonic? That's a lot of  
evil, all told.

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