[Tig] RED rushes, RED cine, downconversion question

Lawrence Towers lawrence.towers at nyu.edu
Sat Feb 14 23:21:24 GMT 2009

>I'm interested in fine-tuning the settings for downconverting raw 
>files from RED at 4k to SDI, both from RED Rushes and RED Cine.   
>Using an Aja Kona card, don't have the card version number right now...

>Could someone point me to a reference for various settings, in that 
>I'm interested in creating the maximum dynamic range and fewest 
>artifacts, for input at SDI into DaVinci 2k+ at SDI?

Are you saying you will be converting from Raw to RGB/YUV color space? By SDI do you mean standard definition? ( As opposed to HDSDI ?) Are you going to transcode and then use the CPU with the Aja card as a virtual VTR?

I think that the fewest artifacts would mean using the REC709 gamma or Redlog LUT,  saving as uncompressed RGB 4:4:4 10bit log and doing color space conversions later. The other option is to export as DPX and use Aja's quicktime wrapper.

---Larry T

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