[Tig] Super8 telecine in Europe

Norsk Smalfilm AS post at smalfilm.no
Thu Feb 19 13:34:46 GMT 2009

We have a client who we can't help at the moment because our
telecine needs service and they can't wait for that.

Who in Europe (preferably) northern Europe is able to scan Super8
neg film with a Quadra/Shadow/Spirit or URSA/Millenium/DPX (or
other) to SD (Digibeta or HDD files (uncompressed)) or HD (tape or

Anyone out there that I can pass them on to? The film has been shot
on Vision2 200T 7217 and is a movie about hippies. :-)

Amount of film is about 1km all prepped and cleaned.

Look forward to hearing from you soon! Please let me know your
equipment and who soon you will be able to do a job like this (also
a price estimate would be nice).

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