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I've always used LTO3. I use the built-in windows backup, although the
performance isn't as good. I used to use HP or Symantec software for
backups, but the problem with this is that they both format the tapes using
proprietary system, which means that in a few years time (or if it needs to
be sent somewhere else), it's not likely i'll be able to find the right
software to decompress it. Windows backup on the other hand, hasn't changed
at all in the way it formats for several years, so compatibility in the
future is much more likely.
Recently though, I've been looking into other options.
I like the idea of dumping a load of data on a drobo and then booting it up
once a year to check for corruption, as I believe this will lead to a more
cost-effective system in the long run.

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> Hi all
> wanted to check around how people are archiving Digital Footage, like Arri
> D20/21, Dalsa, Red etc etc
> Does everyone use LTO3/4 tapes?
> What software are you using?
> I would like to start using a format that I know I can send to other
> posthouses.
> /carl
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