[Tig] Archiving Digital footage

White Peter Mr (EAFA) Peter.White at uea.ac.uk
Mon Feb 23 19:32:41 GMT 2009

That's quite interesting, because we're actually going the other way - currently storing everything on HDD, but looking to go LTO (because of the price) is just cheaper. 

How much corruption detection does LTO require?  How often do tapes need to be checked?

If anybody could spare a few minutes to write down a quick list of software too that'd aid me greatly.  Starting from scratch is always more difficult than having a bit of information to start one's research from.


Peter White
Head of Technical Development

East Anglian Film Archive

	We used LTO 2 years ago but since then the HDD prices have dropped significantly so we keep everything on HDD's for better access and faster corruption detection. 

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