[Tig] Rank Cintel MkIII Shot Change Detector Card info sought

Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Fri Feb 27 04:26:34 GMT 2009

Posted to the TIG at the request of Paul Beck... who hopes some Rank  
Mk III maintainers can help with his problem.

Paul's involved with the The Museum of Broadcast Technology in  
Woonsocket, RI http://www.wmbt.org/

On Feb 26, 2009, at 12:28 PM, Paul Beck wrote:
> The wonderful Rank Cintel III series of Film Scanner products had a  
> special component used in colour correction called “The Shot  
> Changer Detector Card” and was a device used to sense scene changes  
> on the film as it ran through the unit, and then triggered a  
> sequenced or pre-determined change of the colour balance values, on  
> a scene-to-scene basis.
>  Rank provided two versions of the circuit card… the “old” version  
> and the “new” version.
>  We are seeking to obtain a schematic and hopefully a full manual  
> with details on the “new” version of that “Shot Changer Detection  
> Card.”
> The Rank folks in the US were not able to assist for some reason,  
> so we are knocking on a global scale for the best data we can obtain.
>  We will cover all duplication and mailing/shipping costs.
>  Many thanks from Boston.
> Paul R. Beck
> Television, Radio & Film Group
> Emerson College
> 120 Boylston Street
> Boston, MA  02116      617-824-8834     FAX: 617-824-8856

Thanks on Paul's behalf.
His e-mail is Paul_Beck (at) emerson.edu.


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