[Tig] Many thanks to all and deeper clarifications on the Rank Cintel circuit card being sought

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Friday, February 27, 2009 



Hello good Film & Video Colleagues who have so kindly responded to the
world-wide query on technical data for some specific Rank Cintel


Here's the clear data on the desired item in the "Shot Change Detector."


We have two of these boards. One appears to be older and the other
appears to be newer. 


We do have complete documentation for the older board. That board is the
101109A. So we already have that one.


The numbers printed on the newer board are either worn or baked off and
they are really illegible, so we are not certain what board it really


We do know some of the differences: 


*         In the older board (The 101109A), the inputs and outputs are
buffered by discrete transistors. 

*         On the newer board, whatever it is, the inputs and outputs are
buffered by ICs. 

*         The video input is buffered by a CA-3045 (or CA-3046) which is
really just a bunch of transistors in an IC. 

*         The pulse inputs are buffered by a 26LS32 which was intended
to be an RS422 line receiver, but of course, there is

             no RS422 here, just pulses.


Our goal is to use these boards as stand-alone scene change detectors. 


A few years ago Tom Sprague modified the older board to work on a
stand-alone basis for 525i video. It actually works very well.


The newer board is being modified to work with 1080 23.98Psf video. 


At this point Tom has that board installed in a prototype system which
appears to be mostly working. 

It will be used on a PBS Nova project next week, so we do not want to
fiddle with it and risk damage for next week's project.


Both of these boards use technology licensed from the BBC. It's a really
an amazing system that detects scene changes (i.e. cut edits) 

with almost 100% accuracy with very little hardware.


The older board, modified for 525i video, required a number of circuit
changes to allow it to lock properly to H and V. 


At present Tom is driving the newer board with H and V pulses from 1080
23.98 Psf video and is certain that it is not locking perfectly. 


None the less, it does seem to be detecting scene changes with
"reasonable" accuracy. He will know how accurately by the end of next


Obviously, a schematic for this newer board would allow Tom to make the
accurate circuit changes that would allow it to lock properly to the HD


Right now he is hesitant to dicker with it since he would be working
blind, and it does "seem" to work to a degree.


Thank you to all who have responded in kindness.


If you can provide a manual and schematic, it will be returned intact.


If you can ship it, the UPS account is 025367. The Fed-Ex account is
1641-5662-1. The address is below, and it WILL be returned.


Many thanks. You folks are GREAT !


Paul R. Beck

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