[Tig] Linux to Windows File Sharing

ilampooranan ilampooranan at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 11:50:23 GMT 2009

Hi ,

  In our office, we are using FTP for data transferring from Linux
Storageto Windows. For a time factor, now we are in situation to
access Linux file
systems partitions on Windows. Everyone knows the common way to access Linux
from windows is to make SAMBA Sever. We were tried it to configuring SAMBA
Sever and accessed those files. But it is very slow (No were is
helping). Accessing single file it takes more time (all those files are
containing 2K and 4K .dpx, .tga format).  Can any one suggest us to improve
or another possibilities to access Linux partition files in Windows?

Till date we are transferring files and accessing on windows. Instead of
transferring files from Linux to windows, we are trying to access directly.
Please advice us.

We were aware that, SAMBA is very slower than FTP. We got one possibilities
that, Service for Unix (SFU) from Windows side. Speed wise it is same like
SAMBA Service.

Awaiting reply.

Keep in touch,

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