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Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Wed Jan 7 16:50:53 GMT 2009

It follows from the maxim "to do no harm", where there is plenty of  
potential for it.  It varies as to whether there is any value in  
toggling the grade "out" to look back at where we started from.   DPs  
ask for it all the time to evaluate their own performance -- how many  
points up or down, colour trim for lighting, etc.  If you're actually  
"correcting" for bad original, there is sometimes value in making  
sure that excessive noise isn't being introduced, or key values  
aren't being adversely affected, flesh tone, costuming, etc.  On the  
other hand, if its an extreme grade/look, there's no point at all,  
for instance if an extreme wash has been dropped over the whole  
picture, or its been color-stripped to black&white, or bleach- 
bypassed, or any number of other treatments that has nothing to do  
with the original values.

Yet it is most of time gratifying to hear the client gasp.  Most have  
no idea what kind of potential is lying dormant in their material...  
or that their story is languishing behind scene-to-scene  
discontinuity that is destroying a viewer's suspension of disbelief.   
Its intensely rewarding to go from "why would anyone do that?" to  
"why doesn't everyone do this?"...
> Yet with color correction, it's a pretty widely accepted practice  
> (it seems to me after watching a lot of different colorists run  
> sessions) to at least toggle back to the original source footage. I  
> attribute this to several things including showing your value to  
> the client and assessing if there's anything in your correction  
> that compares unfavorably in any way to the original source.
> Any thoughts on the value of toggling back to view the original  
> source material? Just a conversation starter more than anything else.

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