[Tig] tig:Blu (e) Ray & HD Audio

Nick Johnson njohnson at sc.rr.com
Sat Jan 10 19:58:46 GMT 2009

What they actually did in the tests if I understand it correctly was to take
the DVD-A and SACD audio and pass it through a filter reducing it to 16 bit
44.1 KHz audio and their exhaustive double blind tests over the course of a
year proved the difference in the original SACD and DVD-A audio and the
"supposedly" degraded audio created from it with only 16 bit 44.1 KHz
resolution could not be detected.

Again, as I mentioned initially, DVD-A and SACD may indeed "sound better"
but the study proved that the reason will not be due to the "format" whether
192 KHz 24 bit like DVD-A or SACD's 1-bit/2.8442-MHz.

In my first post I also mentioned that if this new HD Audio format causes
producers to invest in higher quality audio productions (as was the case
with the more expensive DVD-A and SACD recordings) the benefit should accrue
to both the HDMI HD Audio as well as the s/pdif versions of such

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