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Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sat Jan 10 21:12:02 GMT 2009

On Jan 10, 2009, at 6:25 PM, Nick Johnson wrote:
> appalling that the a/v industry can stand by and allow this to  
> happen when
> there is no genuine benefit to the consumer.  Have we forgotten what  
> sound
> is and the physics imposing finite frequency limitations not only on  
> its
> transmission through air but within our ear itself?

When I listen to a master vinyl recording of a Bach concerto on a  
reference analog system, and compare it with a CD of the same session,  
mastered by Ludwig and using the best player available through the  
same analog system, there's a huge difference.  But I'm not a  
consumer, I'm a listener.  :)

Lest I sound effete, I did a test under the following conditions:

CD player: Luxman (i think i have that right)
Turntable: AR with dampening and high-end cartridge
Preamp: Dynaco
Amplifier: Bryston, 1000 watts
Speakers: Magneplanar, MIII

Vinyl: Rolling Stones, Aftermath.
CD:    Rolling Stones, Aftermath.

stunning, the difference.  could be due to the mastering differences.

The musicians I respect tell me they get a headache listening to 44kHz  
16-bit sampling in headphones, whereas analog or higher sampling rates  
improve the situation significantly.  And, CDs sound brittle.  to  
me.  :)

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org

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