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On Sun, 11 Jan 2009, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> He was perhaps 12 at the time.  A neighbor saw him, asked what the heck he 
> was doing, and broke into guffaws when Richard told him he was fixing a radio 
> and thinking of the solution.   The neighbor had no idea that much of the 
> processing in the brain needs time to engage, and that theories are subject 
> to change.

I definitely recommend that folks read the classic book "The Soul of a 
New Machine" by Tracy Kidder.  While on the face of it this is a book 
about the development of a new computer model (by a now long defunct 
company), it is really a story about the strange ways that people get 
things done and how they interact.  I imagine that there are places in 
the film industry which behave similar to the people described.

A key part of the design of the new computer was the "microcode" to 
make the new CPU work.  Developing this microcode is a very 
challenging task.  The fellow who was supposed to be doing this 
critical work spent many months lounging around and not apparently 
doing anything useful at all.  People in charge started to get worried 
that perhaps the work would never get done and they were not sure what 
to do since this fellow was the only person available who knew how to 
do the work.  One day the fellow sits down and starts typing rapidly. 
Several days later all of the microcode has been entered, and it 

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