[Tig] Audio Guy Chimes In Re: tig:Blu (e) Ray & HD Audio

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Mon Jan 12 23:34:35 GMT 2009

On Jan 12, 2009, at 3:25 PM, Michael Bittle wrote:

> Aside to those who call this a AES study; it is not.  It is an  
> independent paper submitted for publication.

do those who reference the paper understand that they are not invoking  
any kind of imprimatur from AES?  I think not, and that's what  
confuses the issue.

>  But reading the abstract gave me pause... hmm, professional  
> listeners were used, professional and audiophile systems were  
> used.... what's up with that?

was there more detail on this in the paper itself?  in order to be  
taken seriously, they should present the qualifications or lack of  
same in their subjects, and the specifications of every element in the  
systems used for analysis.

> Another aside, this paper only addressed the final stage of playback.

but the abstract, or the 3rd-party review (it gets confusing) states  
firmly that "There is no difference...[between Red Book CD audio and  
24-bit/192 kHz PCM or 1-bit/2.8442-MHz DSD."   that's the quote from  
Nick's first posting that got us scratching our heads.

> So, here's my take.  While the conclusions and notes on hi- 
> resolution recordings read more like trade journals and consumer  
> oriented magazines (not surprising given the author's bio's), I find  
> they make a credible point, backed up by defensible methodology that  
> has seen time-honored use in audio quality evaluations.

can you tell us what methodology, precisely was used, without running  
afoul of copyright?  as I read it, there was so much marketing going  
on in the quoting (but I'm not sure where the statements were coming  
from, it's not clear) that I wouldn't believe that the study wasn't  
skewed for commercial reasons.

> I can't find any basis to reject it out of hand.  So this article,  
> it's authors (and the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society) have  
> performed a useful service in forcing me to reexamine my biases and  
> better understand the factors affecting what I am experiencing vis  
> high bit rate audio, remembering that the only area in question here  
> is final playback.

Guess I'll have to try to get a copy of the report, and read it  

Yet you can't tell me that the people whom I respect in music  
performance, recording, mixing, mastering, and production, are all  
wrong when they say CD-quality consumer discs are inferior to those  
produced at higher resolution, and that there's a (for lack of better  
words) headache-inducing lack of sonic quality (what I call  
personally, 'harsh' or 'brittle') to the Red Book CD standard.

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org

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