[Tig] reversal film look from video?

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Fri Jan 16 15:30:07 GMT 2009

I had some success last year on video origination with a daVinci by dragging the blue channel to zero on the gui.  Then drove the gain pretty hard to cause it to break up a bit and added a little texture with the defocus tool in reverse.  Adjust the blue gain channel to taste.  A hard vignette and it looked pretty good.  If it is originated on RED it would probably be beneficial to set your transcode up to give you a lot of headroom for highlites so your whites dont go screaming off the charts before you tear the video a bit.

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> Subject: [Tig] reversal film look from video?
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> I have a client who would like to achieve a reversal-film look from  
> video-originated material (probably from D21 or RED).   What he likes  
> about typical reversal film is the grain, the off-color and slightly  
> stained and toned look of 16mm reversal.
> Of course, my first suggestion was to shoot 16mm reversal, but that  
> appears not to be an option.
> any advice much appreciated.
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