[Tig] False alarm on Analog cutoff

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It would seem your joy has been misplaced. The vote in the house only delays
the measure - doesn't defeat it! It will pass as the procedural vote fell
only 10 votes short of a required 2/3 majority to "fast track" the measure
to the senate. Another vote next week only requires a simple majority to
pass. Since the measure garnered 260 votes, it would seem many of your
"bleeding-heart" Republicans voted for the measure as well.

Since more than 2.6 Americans are on waiting lists for change-over coupons,
I see no harm in the delay. Before you go on about the coupons being
government welfare, please remember that our Government passed a TV
regulation that instantly outdated most TV sets in service, so the cost of
the coupons should be considered the cost of changing over. Most analog TV
will be gone soon enough.

It should be noted that many TV stations are not broadcasting HDTV, but
instead digital versions of their normal 4:5 pictures. So much for
purchasing wide-screen sets. Others have "sold" some or all of their digital
channels for 24-7 infomercials, and are broadcasting their main programming
on low-power analog channels which are exempt from the new law. Our CBS
affiliate here in Palm Springs comes to mind as an example. They have
already announced that they have no intention to broadcast a CBS network
digital signal for the foreseeable future. The do have a digital signal on
TWC here in the valley, but not over the air.

As far as wide-screen programming is concerned, have you noticed that HBO
and Showtime are broadcasting panned and scanned (2.35 to 177) for their HD
digital channels? This was something HD was supposed to eliminate. Our
glorious networks are doing the same thing. So we are still not seeing what
film makers intended for wide-screen scope films. This is something I really
do not understand since they have been broadcasting commercials with
letterbox formats for years now.

Tom Nottingham

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