[Tig] Onelights on Red

Adrian Thomas adrian at autotv.co.uk
Wed Jul 1 21:32:01 BST 2009

On Jun 30, 2009, at 17:54, Jean-Clement Soret wrote:
> Nightmare of green blacks? Over the top S curve and vignette, sorry  
> to say but this sounds very nineties, I don't know any colourist  
> here in London, and we know each others pretty well, who would dare  
> doing anything like this unless asked by someone with the power of  
> decision. Everything is so much discussed, controlled, tested,  
> researched, re-discussed, redone to death that anything a bit  
> daring has to be for a very good reason. The days we had the  
> liberty to play with our new toys and throw a last minute idea are  
> long gone, the job of colourist had gained in maturity and is all  
> about attention to detail, executing a pre defined idea. You  
> occasionally hear a director asking for 5 or 6 "looks" before he  
> can make a decision but that's rare. We most often stick to the way  
> it was shot and bring subtle details, which added up make a  
> difference.
> As for the BT campaign you mention, interestingly I was working  
> last week with the director who shot it, he told me the lifted  
> blacks were inherited from the aesthetic of the previous campaign  
> which had flares and backlit scenes, the agency creative felt there  
> should be a continuity. Even though it looks like a colourist had a  
> bit of a heavy hand this was an agency request.

I'm sure you're right, Jean Clement, but don't forget that looks  
pioneered at the top end of the market trickle down VERY slowly, so  
your '90's commercial or music promo 'look' is someone else's 2009  

The s-curve, vignette and 'film-effect', in particular, refuse to die.

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