[Tig] Onelights on Red

Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Tue Jul 7 15:39:43 BST 2009

This whole thing is funny -

I've done the reverse toilet bowls many times... yes, where the corners 
are brighter. Think vaseline plus a white promist on the edges.....or 
the electronic equivalent..... it's definitely not popular, and only 
used under duress... but also, to fix a lens with bad falloff, like a 
1970's angenieux  .... or the like.

Hasn't a client ever commented that it would be "Great to do a spot like 
that" when you were in any of these modes ?  ----

Highlight supervector selection
matte check on defocus or alpha check
overcrank the fleshtone defocus ( just to walk it in )

I used to unlock the Kilovectors on an 8:8:8 and they would spin 360 
around the vector scope until the locked back up... I can't remember why 
I unlocked them at the moment, it was an effect of switching modes or 
something... but a client I was working with asked me to do an alt 
layoff with that effect. When I told him it was relatively random, and I 
couldn't control it... he said "Well, just get it going and hit the 
hooks on the scenes we need, wild is fine ".....

Yeah, those were the days of doing ALT passes because you could. 
Ridiculous by today's thoughts. Actually, ridiculous at the time too...

Have fun out there, I'm off to another day of bending files around to my 
will on my Baselight.... when will people figure this shit out??

Regards -

Craig Leffel

Clark E. Bierbaum wrote:
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>> I've often wanted to offer for client consumption the 
>> reverse-vignette, where just the edges and corners are
>> brighter; the W curve; and the 1970s moon-landing 2" quad video look.
>> -- 
>> Rob Lingelbach
>> rob at colorist.org
> Is the vignette a boomer and gen-x thing based on our parents TV's we 
> watched growing up where the brightness and focus fell off in the 
> corners??
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