[Tig] Ursa Gold

Geoff Cooper geoffc at molinare.co.uk
Mon Jul 13 15:49:56 BST 2009


Molinare in London is scrapping it's Ursa Gold.

IBC 96 show machine with factory fitted Metaspeed, S35,S16, Std16 & S8 gates

Full working at switch off last month.

Old but serviceable tube etc etc

About to be dismantled for spares/skip (beer money!)

Also some MK3 bits incl. Viton surfaced capstan, PSU's etc

End of an era at Moli's

No TK's!!


Anyone interested?


Geoff Cooper

Molinare Ltd

34 Fouberts Pl. 

London W1F 7PX

Tel:       020 7478 7255

Mob:    07768 201133

Fax:      020 7478 7299

E-mail:    <mailto:geoffc at molinare.co.uk> geoffc at molinare.co.uk


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