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Ken Metzker kenmetzker at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 14 07:45:03 BST 2009


A small discussion I had with a few colourists in our facility. I was surprised at how many of us had come close to breaking down in tears during set backs in sessions either with the machine or the dp. Let me share my experience.

I was working on a Lustre, finishing a lengthy day for night scene. It was extensive tracking of windows and keys. It was a few years ago where tracking was more of a time consuming art, rather then the science it is now. The job needed to be recorded that night and I was within 20minutes of completing the job when the power goes.
No worries, I only lose 20 minutes of work with autosave. As power comes back on I find the autosave setting have been disabled. Worse yet I had not saved manually for over four hours. Tears did not flow in this case but definate wetness in the eyes, as I set to redo all that work. And you know the client always feels it was better before you lost the grade,  no matter what you do the second time round.

Anyone else have some tear breaking sessions they would like to share? Is it that I work with a bunch of "wusses" or is it an industry wide phenomenon.

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