[Tig] Have you ever cried during a session

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Tue Jul 14 22:10:17 BST 2009

When I hit that critical moment of a session on were you have to decide if you should kill the client or your self....
I usually go into a state of autism. Blank face, ears/brain only respond to basic commands like "warmer", "darker" etc, noticeable in the sound the button-pressing makes.

I was stuck in a job with a client that was one day away from paternity leave and really needed it done.
Working on a Resolve with a BUNCH of timelape/speed/dissolve cut into a uncontrolable mess.
(you know, a long timelaps shot done over night, cut in a way were they use it all in mixed order)
After several hours without the director having anything to eat, we noticed we my edit didn't make much sense...
We editor (as the all do) messed up the EDL. I was working on V1, but that was an older version. 
The new shots was put on the second/third layer and exported as a separate EDL.
Client went on trying to blame it on me that it was my fault that he didn't see the final edit during grading.
He decided to go out for dinner and came back an hour later, we didn't talk much then. 
I was in my autism-state, imagining I'm far far away.

Some clients should just go for dinner and never come back. That would be nice sometimes.

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