[Tig] Have you ever cried during a session...

Peter White peter.white at uea.ac.uk
Wed Jul 15 10:28:07 BST 2009

One of our FDL60s actually managed to fuse the lamp wire yesterday.   
Glass (over the past 20 odd years) has slowly built up in the lamp  
sockets.  Not good.

The way around the colour temperature issue is to not run the lamps  
into the ground.  Don't use for more than 50 hours, even if they keep  
going.  We only use one lamp at a time - we don't let it autochange  
because then we can't tell how long the lamps have been in for!   
They're also only 250W.

Anyone got any old FDL lamp holders around...?

To reply at least partially on topic, I haven't actually cried as  
such but certainly felt 'extremely dismayed' as my 6 hour Prefix/ 
Marconi grade crashed into the ether with no saves to work from.

Peter White
Head of Technical Development

East Anglian Film Archive

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