[Tig] Have you ever cried during a session...

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Wed Jul 15 17:14:33 BST 2009

Having worked as a colorist-in-training for about 90 days during a period of
temporary insanity a couple of decades ago, it became very clear to me very
quickly that it is the absolutely hottest seat in the house. I was never given
a chance to see if I could take the heat or not, but something told me I
couldn't have taken it for very long. Suffering fools gladly is an integral
part of the job description, and anyone who knows me knows that just ain't me
(not for long, anyway).

It seems you guys and gals are either partners in crafting some truly stunning
images from some truly talented DP's, or else the last best hope of some
really incompetent shooters and directors. Some of the absolute shit I saw in
my limited time in the chair was jaw droppingly awful.

Based on my limited experience, I can't understand why more of you haven't
gone totally postal, never mind the tears.


Bob Kertesz
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Hollywood, California
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