[Tig] Have you ever cried during a session...

Alan Rosenfeld abrosenfeld at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 18:25:35 BST 2009

Many years ago I was tech supervising a spot transfer session with a well
known producer and an account guy from the agency.  The commercial involved
a clarifying shampoo product that minimizes swimming pool chlorine damage to
the hair. The spot featured a beautiful young lady with shining bright gold
blonde hair who dives into a pool.  Of course, when she emerges, her hair is
soaking wet and several shades darked than bright gold shining - more copper
dull.  The account guy, in all seriousness asked the colorist if he could
match the wet hair color to the pre-pool dive hair color.  I almost cried
not from frustration, but from biting my tongue so hard as to keep me from
saying something politically incorrect since the producer was present.  To
my relief and amusement the producer looked at the account guy and said,
"What are you, a f*&^%$g idiot?"

Alan Rosenfeld
The Studio at B&H

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