[Tig] Like looking at a theatre screen (1959)

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Thu Jul 16 05:39:20 BST 2009

in August 1959, The New Yorker magazine ran an ad for a revolutionary  
Philco solid-state,
21 transistor portable TV.   It was the first of its kind.

---ad copy---
"You've never seen TV like Safari! Weighing a scant 15.5 lbs., less  
than 17" tall, Safari is
the world's first TV you can take wherever you go, including places  
electricity can't go...
on picnics, to the beach, on boats, in trains, truly everywhere!
Safari plays on its own built-in rechargeable battery, and the  
recharger is built in, too!
(Or save the battery, operate Safari on AC house current!) And wait  
till you see the
picture...it's like looking at a theatre screen!  Exclusive Philco  
design lets you enjoy
perfect viewing even in the brightest sunlight.
Safari is the world's first transistor TV mass-produced for sale  
today!  Reserve yours
now at your Philco dealer's.   $250    Rechargeable Battery, $5.25 extra

Specifications: 21-transistor chassis, 4 IF stages, 3-transistor high- 
gain tuner, 12 diodes,
2 rectifiers, easy-to-service Perma-Circuit chassis design.  Pivot- 
Tenna, "jack" for optional
ear speaker.  Natural or black genuine leather with ... stitching,  
durable styrene top.  ....
Not available in UHF."
---end ad copy---

Did they know what they were starting?   a "jack" for ear speaker.

the ad is viewable at

Additionally, the Swivel-Screen Consolette model, officially named the  
Siesta, is pictured.
"The picture tube swivels a full circle, and has automatic clock  
controls; turns on your
favorite programs, and turns them off at night."
According to Philco experts, the Sierra was a modification of the  
Predicta Princess model.
A present-day Sierra in perfect condition is owned by Sara, see  
article at

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org

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