[Tig] Flanders Scientific "Grade" monitor

Owen Williams owen at ywwg.com
Fri Jul 17 20:39:16 BST 2009

On Fri, 2009-07-17 at 09:18 -0700, bill laverty wrote:
>  Also be careful in
> your choice of converters. Set up my first Elite with a Black Magic HDLink.
> Great box, excellent price point, just no Psf support. That's a death blow when
> you are supporting a lot of the Discreet product. Would up purchasing a Gefen 
> scaler converter. Only thing available at the time. Not crazy about Gefen. Their 
> reliability and product support rival that of Iomega and the Zip drive for those 
> of us who still remember.

The HDLink Pro is a big improvement over the HDLINK, but of course it's
still only 8-bit DVI output.  AJA is coming out with a new converter
that does 10-bit HDMI 1.3 over a DVI connection (an ugly hack to avoid
an HDMI licensing fee, perhaps?), so that's another option.  The new AJA
LHi card also has two hdmi outputs, but I don't know if it supports
deinterlacing / YCrCb->RGB conversion.


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