[Tig] Negative developing and ARRILaser

Liao Zhuodi liao.zd at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 15:58:30 BST 2009

We got a local Cinelab that they want to change the speed for the negative
going through the soup. Because there is a DI facility complains that their
4 ArriLasers can not achieve the maximum density on red layer for the 5242
Kodak stock developing, the maximum red density we talk about is around
1.96, and they can only achieve 1.91, the ARRI engineer does not know why.
So they negotiate with the Cinelab, the lab slows down the speed by 6 feet
(per second? not sure), so the negative stays longer in the soup than
before, and the overall density goes up. But, at the same time, our
arrilaser is fine, and can achieve the maximum red density on developed
film, which means the Cinelab developing is fine, and our ArriLaser is fine

My doubts are:

1) Does Cinelab have a standard for developing? If so, why our local Cinelab
change the speed according to some clients demand.

2) If the overall density goes up, and i should change the calibration LUT
in my arrilaser to make the 21 step Kodak sweep according to standards, less
laser power can achieve more density, does it mean we can get less grains or
noise on the negative?

3) If the negative stay longer in the soup, other than density changes, is
there any other aftermath brought to the negative?

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