[Tig] ArriLaser vs Cinavator

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Tue Jul 28 19:39:55 BST 2009


Does anyone have a comment about ArriLaser vs Cinevator?
(If you work for a company that owns one, please say so if you comment, so we know:)

I´m working on a feature, shot on Red. Post completely done in HD linear. Will have a master on HDSR422.
We might not have time to do a ArriLaser-shootout + prints. So we are thinking about using the Cinevator.
Either for just making one first "filmfestival"print. Or to make a Cinevator-NEG and then to Prints from that.

I know some will say, doing direct to Print is OK due to less generation if I'm only doing ONE print.
But to do one print with Cinevator and THEN do a "propper" ArriLaser-neg and do multiple prints from that, would just be to much money for the single first print. Then it would be smarter to do all the prints from the Arri-neg, if we have time.

So if anyone has some honest opinions about the quality on Cinevator compared to ArriLaser, I'm very interested.


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