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Benedek Kabán kabanbenedek at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 13:45:59 BST 2009

I had an almost-cried story from Hungary. Two years ago I was finishing a
feature film with my clients (dp and director). It was a very intense week's
end, the grading was 6 days 12 hour a day and we were sitting there on
christmas eve, because the project had to be finished that night and that
day I was grading for 16 hours that feature. And in the last two hours the
dp (who was sleeping all week) suddenly woken up and wanted to change the
whole concept what I was working for a week! I asked for apology, went out
to the bathroom, hit the wall, almost cried and tried to get myself
together. It was only 3 minutes, went back with a smile and finished the
project in two hours. But in that 3 minutes I was the most lonely person on
the planet.

Ken, could I ask which feature was that 1.5 hour session?

2009/7/16 Ken Robinson <ken at flight4.org>

> 8 hrs to grade a full feature? You were lucky, Obadiah... In Hungary they
> gave me 1.5 hrs to grade a complete movie.... I think in that time it is
> actually possible to make it worse than if you just transfer it with one
> setting!
> Ken Robinson
> > But still, there are moments when you just
> > wish to disappear. Like when you are told to grade a full feature film in
> > just about 8 hours...

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