[Tig] Subscriber Request/About Myself

John A. Mozzer jamworks at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 31 19:57:21 BST 2009

I discovered The TIG upon searching for information about the Cineglyph 
HD telecine.

I am not a professional in this field.  Recently, I had over eight hours 
of my dad's silent regular 8mm films transferred to DV via Rank Cintel, 
using a service in Northridge.  I am receiving one-to-one training in 
Final Cut Pro at the Apple Store.  And I'm uploading clips of the 
transfers to YouTube:

I want to educate myself about scanning technologies that have replaced 
Rank Cintel, and may be interested in having some of the footage scanned 
again using the newer technology.  That is why I have requested a 
subscription to TIG.

Thank you,
John A. Mozzer
Los Angeles, CA

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