[Tig] 3-line VITC for NTSC

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Thu Mar 5 19:41:07 GMT 2009

According to some specs anywhere between 10-20 is within SMPTE.  Some  
C-format versions did not record these lines....  so there was an  
argument as to whether they were actually legal or not....
Of course, these days, there are examples of formats that don't  
record vertical interval at all -- DV, for instance, so don't go  
looking for VITC with those...
> aha.  interesting, two others told me they use 14, 15, 16.  I  
> imagine there's some leeway.
>> As our chief engineer often reminds me, "we don't do NTSC.  We do  
>> 525."

That drives me crazy, too.  So many APPLE applications (DVD"Pro")  
among others, uses NTSC as a shorthand for 2997, regardless of source  
Where the truth is, NTSC is only the composite YIQ version of 525, if  
I'm not deluded and hallucinating.  PAL doesn't really exist up until  
transmission, either, I understand.  Up to that point its still just  
625 Y, R-Y, B-Y...

or is this all a misapprehension?

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