[Tig] colour decision list

Cédric Lejeune cedric.lejeune at workflowers.net
Fri Mar 6 11:43:45 GMT 2009

I should have said "most of software colour correctors"
Autodesk Lustre
Chrome Matrix
DaVinci Resolve
DigitalVision FilmMaster
Filmlight Baselight
Pogle Revolution

They can also be read as events (1 xml file/shot) in compositing apps 
such as
Autodesk Flame/Smoke
Foudry Nuke (??)

For the app that can write CDL events:
Gamma&Density 3cP (not tested)
Iridas SpeedGrade Onset (with no saturation)
Pogle telecine
Used to be Thomson (what is the new name?) Bones

Avid allows to carry the CDL info across, but doesn't process it. The 
workflow is you grade your dailies and output a tape and the CDL info 
and can import it when you capture in Avid and then it can be exported 
as metadata in the output CMX. Still need to figure out how to adapt 
that to tapeless and to FCP, but I have a project coming to experiment.
Please feel free complete the list, that would be great to have 
something up to date.

Cedric Lejeune
La Madeleine, France

Cédric Lejeune a écrit :
> Hi,
> most of colour correctors support CDLs as info set in the EDL when 
> conforming, input only

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