[Tig] NTSC 3:2 bla bla bla

Ken Robinson ken at flight4.org
Tue Mar 10 10:39:50 GMT 2009

Sorry Carl, but isnt 23,97 and 24 almost the same?
Its just a question of counting on your fingers.... ;-)
Making up space on the tape for missing frames when the telecine is running
at 24 or 23.97 and the tape at 29.98...
Instead of random fields being placed anywhere... err like when you do vari
speed, NTSC has a way of placing extra fields in places where you know you
can find them!

The fun and games really start when you have to do keycode! This is where
that little dot on the keycode number comes in so handy... and which, for
quite sometime was ignored in many places in PAL land... or they didn't have
glasses strong enough to see it... or thought it was a piece or recurring

If I explain anymore, I will get a headache...

ken robinson


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Isn't there a smart guy out there that could explain the 24/30, 23,97/29,98
issue in a way all us PAL people can understand. Maybe make a youtube clip
out of it like this:


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