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C├ędric Lejeune cedric.lejeune at workflowers.net
Tue Mar 10 15:13:12 GMT 2009

I wouldn't be as categoric as my friend Dan, but indeed the CDL stuff is 
quite new to a lot of people and push
The same way DI has pushed postproduction and labs to communicate better 
and set deterministic ways to work, the CDL should have the same effect 
btw shooting and post, but in the process will reveal the potential lack 
of understanding on both side. I also has a great potential between VFX 
and DI (the main purpose of our plugin). Still an implementation is far 
from obvious in production as it involves making communicate people who 
have very different views and skills. Then the way it's implemented in 
tools makes some holes sometimes difficult to bridge, as in my current 
project the lack of support for Saturation parameter along the path. 
There are also a lot of opportunities to mess up the whole thing, since 
the CDL processing is in the middle of a chain not necessarily well 
documented; what happens to the picture before it gets into the colour 
correction (debayer, pre conversion) and after (film print emulation, 
calibration to display, conversion...).
Still a lot better than simple LUTs, but requires a lot more thinking 
for a whole project than what people are used to at every step. That and 
the general misnaming and misusing of Log and Lin in tools makes it even 
more complex to communicate. But I'm pretty sure it can work :D
We are still far away from having any post house to deal properly with 
Cineon-like files, and with the new cameras and their different log-ness 
it's just a flood now of different formats that need to be understood 
and processed, far from WYSIWYG.
Lie? No, reality enhancement, but aint that what the job is about? ;-)

Cedric Lejeune
Bruxelles, Belgique

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