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Rich Montez screenwarmer at cox.net
Wed Mar 11 02:44:40 GMT 2009

>>The ASC CDLs were defined by a bunch of people in Hollywood Heaven. >>Outside this area and besides geeks and techies nobody even knows >>about ASC CDLs.
> > Saying the opposite is a big lie.


I have been to many of the ASC meetings in which the CDL was discussed and created so I feel I must chime in here. The ASC CDL was created with best of intentions to create a standard which could be used between post facilities and equipment in the same way a punch tape worked between film labs for so many years.

With the advent of DI there was a realization that there was no usable data which could be retraced. No common standard. The ASC realized it would not provide all the info necessary but it was a start.

It can be argued how usable this data will actually be but I have seen houses in Soho London use it with valid results so I know it is used in places other than Hollywood. 

>>Isn't the ASC CDL definition a sort of trade secret?

The definition and parameters are very public.

I'm not trying to argue here and I'm not going to say this is the best thing since sliced bread but it sounds like there are a few misconceptions out there.


Rich Montez

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