[Tig] Kinescope transfers--Moiré reduction or elimination during/after telecine

Peter Sutton peter at kaurus.com
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This sounds like Ursa's Scandal.
It was quite cool as we could set the control of this on the desk to have a
one of two min to max settings. The spot would be incrementally made
elliptical from fully anti as a round spot to the point of nonsensicle
defocus when fully clock, or, have a mid point of zer (round spot) and
scandal toward clock and round spot defocusing toward anti. If memory
serves, this was a programmable parameter but I don’t think it was used
under programme control that often.

There was also a feel you could get with subtly using the aperture
correction settings in tandem with Scandal. You could play around with
coring, course and fine controls to carefully bring a little lost definition
back without making it look false. 
Although I played with this with good results on Millennium it's in the
hands of the colourist this used to best effect

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The usual solution is to optically defocus the scanner - you lose a bit of
the top-end resolution, but it prevents the scan lines aliasing back as
low-frequency patterning. On flying spot telecines, I used to adjust the
astigmatism so that the spot was oval, reducing vertical resolution but
maintaining horizontal resolution. 

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