[Tig] dissolves. Apple COLOR.

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Sat Mar 21 18:26:56 GMT 2009

> continuing the thread about dissolves (dynamics), I've run up  
> against a problem in
> Apple COLOR with regard to dissolves when applying curves.  It  
> seems impossible to
> implement a dissolve when changing a curve.
> can anyone comment?

Your friendly APPLE COLOR trouble shooter here.  That's right, its a  
failing.  You cannot keyframe the Primary or Secondary curves.  The  
HSL curves in secondaries cannot be vignetted.  There are two  
workarounds.  One can be done inside COLOR, and the other depends on  
Approach A is to use HSL qualifiers in the secondaries instead of the  
HSL curves... but in Primary In/Out, the curves are simply off-limits  
if you want a dynamic grade transition.  You are forced to use the 3- 
way sliders (if you don't have a ring-and-ball panel).  Unthinkable  
in daVinci, but as Buzz Lightyear put it.... "We're not on my planet,  
are we...." .

FCP workflow is to do two complete grade passes on the designated  
clip, render, export, and do the dynamic on the FCP timeline.  There  
are issues within the axial/radial dynamic interpolation that might  
force you to do this anyway.

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