[Tig] camera thoughts (was: Re: RED workflow)

Nick Johnson njohnson at sc.rr.com
Tue Mar 31 20:34:17 BST 2009

Bob and Rob(H),

My son in LA might be able to do this and provide a file to compare with the

He has a RED One he uses for his own shoots but he also rents it to other
productions and most of the time he accompanies the camera on those rentals
for proper set-up and shooting advice since the RED ONE is very different. 

I think he is quite the "expert" on RED ONE - but then he is my son!

Is the resolution chart you mention something he should have?

If not where can he get one?

I will ask him about posting a 4K shot of the chart and see what he says. 

That way there would be something to compare with the other shot which may
or may not have been done with "optimum" RED settings.

Best regards,


By "do this" above I am referring to Bob's comment below and Rob(H)'s which
followed relating to the shot done by the CML-er.

Maybe someone who has one of these Red 4K cameras can mount a good 
lens and point it at a standard resolution measurement chart and post 
the result?

Yes, there are standard ways to measure actual resolution ...


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