[Tig] DPX or TGA to H264 for Filmout Transfer & Digital Intermediate.

C├ędric Lejeune cedric.lejeune at workflowers.net
Thu Nov 5 18:19:56 GMT 2009

Hi Mark,
if it's H264 it is compressed and there is loss. More specifically if 
you start from 10bit DPX and go to H264 you loose 2bit of info, and 
since the algorithm is usually implemented in a quite destructive 
fashion even with high settings you would have things that look OK on a 
video or computer monitor, but would suffer quite a tad when going thru 
the process of film recording because of the various curve correction. 
What is your concern in carrying the best quality? The time of transfer 
are usually not a problem when compared to film recording (until you 
work with a Cinevator of course :) and drives are ridiculously cheap.

Cedric Lejeune
> H264 and vice
> versa.
> Hope there is no quality loss or compression when i convert.

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