[Tig] DTV switchover

Fred Mushel fmushel at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 11 19:17:12 GMT 2009

I thought all analog TV stations, when switching to DTV would change  
their broadcast frequency in to the UHF range and the government was  
going to auction off that spectrum (except for FM radio frequencies).

WABC in NYC is transmitting its DTV on VHF channel 7, (or so says my  
Sony 34" Wega CRT HDTV). I live within 12 miles line of sight to  
Empire State building, but my new DTV UHF indoor antennas don't pick  
up ABC because they still are broadcasting on VHF channel 7.

Does anyone know why VHF channels are still used for over the air HDTV  
transmissions even though I recall reading that the DTV changeover  
would be to all UHF frequencies?

Thanks in advance.


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