[Tig] DTV switchover

Cliff Benham flyback1 at verizon.net
Wed Nov 11 20:46:10 GMT 2009

Fred Mushel wrote:
> Does anyone know why VHF channels are still used for over the air HDTV 
> transmissions even though I recall reading that the DTV changeover would 
> be to all UHF frequencies?

Many O&Os kept their VHF assignment when they switched to digital to 
maintain their local DMA 'identity' like 7ABC, NYC and 6ABC in 
Philadelphia. Some had operated on those channels since the dawn of 
television, just after WWII.

Some digital viewers had to install huge outdoor antennas to receive 
those Lo-V stations. The ten element 'bird perch' above my roof measures 
7 X 16 feet! This is for WPVI, 6ABC in Phildelphia, 39 miles distant.

Heres an FCC list of all DTV station assignment with both their old and 
new RF channel assignments.



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