[Tig] cc or restoration-what goes first

Bojan Mastilovic chili.styles at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 01:00:50 GMT 2009

I have a  question:
when doing restoration of an old movie, what do you do first - cc or movie
Logically thinking,  we should do all the restoration work first (remove
dust and scratches, and other anomalies on film), and then proceed with
color grading.
We do it looking at some general Kodak LUT.
But when we go to actual color grading of restored movie, usually new dust
and scratches appear, on the dark parts of the picture, and highlights
I do not mean new as new, but one that we did not see before. So we usually
do one more restoration pass after the coloring.

What are your thoughts about this?
kind regards,

Bojan Mastilovic
Restart Production

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