[Tig] Grading monitor choice...

White Peter Mr (EAFA) Peter.White at uea.ac.uk
Fri Nov 13 14:39:51 GMT 2009

Ok,  I could do with a little help if anyone has 5 mins to impart wisdom and knowledge.

We have a budget coming through with a little money in it for equipment, and as were short on video monitors for our telecines (we're currently building another 2 Marconi SD systems) then maybe we could have a small attempt at standardisation and order a few monitors in one go.

All of our telecine is in standard definition, and the monitors are of varying make and quality.  One is a Barco, two are Sony PVMs and the last is a 15" JVC.  All are 'professional', only about 10-15yrs old...

The only CRT monitors I can see about at the moment which could be good here in PAL land is the JVC DT-V1710CG, but I haven't seen one in the metal, and I haven't heard anything about them.  If anyone has an opinion before I ask for a test drive, that would be grand.

The maximum spend per monitor should be on the lower side of £2000.  It's asking a lot, but I don't think it's totally unrealistic...

Any ideas?



Peter White
Head of Technical Development
East Anglian Film Archive

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